This is my site with my work on it. Ship designs are mine and should only be used in sci-fi type games. They are free, If you paid for them, then you got taken. No linking nor copying to such sites as Pinterest. Thank you.

What's New ?


February, 2023

Feb 24

Added Decks 1, 2, and 3 to Medina Station. Navigation menus updated.

December, 2022

Dec 22

Added nodes 16 and 20, 3 new planets each node. Updated navigation menus.

Dec 18

Navigation menus are updated.

Added a forest with concession stands, tables and chairs, and some vacation rentals.

Dec 17

Navigation menus have been updated. Each extrasolar planet map page has a small menu to go directly to one of the others. All done.

Navigation menu needs work. Back soon.

Adding 6 extra solar planets at 2 drop nodes. The drop nodes map is being updated. Adding an additional menu at the top of each page the Medina Station will have its own menu.

Dec 16

Navigation menus have been updated.

Added two slightly different concessionaires.

Dec 15

Added Field and Water Recreation Area 01

Uploaded updated maps of Decks 10 and 11. It has been suggested to me that since the walls are 500 meters wide, they have passageways in them. I'll look at that idea.

Dec 14

Added Medina Station, Kitchen Type 01

Dec 13

Fixed some problems with the navigation menus, and added to the navigation menus.

Added Deck 10 and Deck 11 of Medina Station, and The Ring.

August, 2021

Aug 12

Added a map of the galaxy wormhole nodes I'll placing planets at.

Aug 10

I recently purchased the Beyond the Ring pdf for The Expanse rpg from Drivethru. I have some ideas on how to implement that. Profantasy's Fractal Terrains 3+ will be used to make planet maps.

Added a Scout ship, with a bad corridor deck plan. Site navigation menus have been updated as well.

I have decided to use the Drift Node method of Interstellar travel used in Starfinder for this site. I'll come up with a map. For those who don't know, a star ship can go anywhere a drop node is located in 5d6 days. it doesn't work for traveling to other galaxies.

Aug 4

Added a Retro Star Ship. ( green )

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